I'm a visual artist living in Copenhagen, who makes posters for a living. I draw these huge drawings with nothing but ballpoint pens on grey recycled cardboard. They are often quite big and take weeks and even months to do. These drawings are then made into posters in different sizes. My imagery explores a world of animals which has a cute and fun feel to them, combined with references to everyday life, all in simple and low key colors. This combination makes them great for both the living room and the kids room. I graduated from The Danish School of Media & Journalism in Copenhagen in 2014, and have been working fulltime with my drawings since. 


Ida forside foto.png


Illustrator Ida Felicia Noack was born 1981 and graduated in 2010 from KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Ida works as a freelance illustrator from her workspace in Disken. Further more she is a member of the Association of Danish Cartoonists.

Her line of work spreads over different medias such as, magazine illustrations, graphic recording, ceramics, original artwork, prints and posters, wall painting and graphic novels/comic books.

Even though working with different medias and materials, there is recognisability throughout her work. One theme often repeated is movement and expression in all character, in an attempt to make the one-dimensional paper come alive and tell a story in one or several frames. If you are interested in knowing more about the work of Ida Felicia Noack don’t hesitate to explore the website, contact, pay a visit or follow on Instagram.